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Divine Particle's Vision

Divine Particle's Vision

The "Divine Particle's Vision" is a ritual that explores the evolution and interconnectedness of phenomena in the universes. It uses sound, sight and ideas to suggest the balanced diversity of cosmic abstraction and intends to encourae creativity and freedom of artistic expression. "Divine Particle's Vision" is aimed at recognizing children's natural inclination towards abstraction, unit, simplicity, truth and love. The CD intends to explore music's relation to the universe, Nature's interconnectedness and abstract balance, and the unity between microcosmic and macrocosmic elements of the universe.

Bigotry and the Afrocentric "Jazz" Evolution

The 2nd printing of the 3rd edition is now available for sale. This edition includes a cd-rom packed with additional material including a discography, dictionary of musical terms, and more. Suitable for individual reading or classroom use, BAJE is a must have resource for anyone seriously interested in the history, culture, and essential nature of "jazz".

For more information or to get your copy go to Global Academic Publishing.

21st Century Musicism

The newest recording by Karlton Hester and Hesterian Musicism is here. 21st Century Musicism continues Karlton Hester's quarter-century journey of spontaneous composition that reflects the individual personalities, spontaneity, readiness, and creativity of his artistic collaborators. Prepare your mind for the music.

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Intro to Jazz Syllabus - Winter 2008
Edit category HISTORY of Global African Music Welcome to the core component of the Living Encyclopedia of Global African Music -- here you will find a comprehensive structured series of articles on the music called "jazz" and its socio-cultural and historical context.
NEWS: Latest Edition of BAJE
Edit category THEORY of Global African Music The content of this section is focused on the theory of "jazz" and other forms of Global African Music. It's core components are aspects of Spontaneous Composition and the Metaphysics of Music.
Edit category VISUAL, KINETIC and ORAL Arts This section contains materials on Global African visual arts, dance, and movement, spoken word, and interdisciplinary artistic expression.
Edit category RESOURCES In this section you will find supplementary resources to the above categories for history and theory, such as maps, instructional materials (syllabi, sample exams), reviews of books and recordings, and more.
BAJE Chapter Notes
Edit category FESTIVALS & Guest Artists An overview of festivals, symposia and smaller events organized by Karlton Hester, AAI and affiliated organizations since the 1970s and contributions made by visiting guest artists and speakers.

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